Piracetam Piretam 800mg


Piracetam Piretam 800mg at a Glance

Also Known as:- Nootropil, Breinox, Dinagen, Lucetam

Type:- Ampakine, Racetam

Good for:- Learning, Memory

Typical Dose:- 800-1600mg

Frequency:- One-two tablets daily

Count:- 10 tablets per pack

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What is Piracetam?

Piracetam is a very popular synthetic derivative of a neurotransmitter which helps slow down activity in your nervous system. This slow down improves brain function and has shown to reduce dyslexic symptoms.


This nootropic drug comes in both capsule and powder form.


Benefits of Piracetam


Boosts brain function

Studies have shown that piracetam helps your cells communicate because of its positive impact on the fluid in your cells. Piracetam will increase your brain’s blood supply that will improve your brain function. A study has shown that adults on piracetam performed better on verbal learning tasks than their peers.


Reduce dyslexia symptoms

One study showed that students with dyslexia who were given piracetam showed major improvements in their reading ability. The boost in brain function helps combat an individual’s reading struggles.


Protect against myoclonic seizures

Myoclonic seizures are involuntary muscle spasms that effect an individual’s ability to write, wash, and eat. By taking piracetam, you might be able to reduce the overall severity of your seizures.


Reduce dementia symptoms

Studies suggest that brain damage caused by certain peptides that clump together disrupt the functioning of nerve cells leading to dementia. Piracetam is shown to prevent the damage caused by these peptides resulting in better mental performance of older adults. One study even showed that 61% of individuals with dementia showed improvement using piracetam.


Reduce inflammation

Persistent inflammation is linked to many chronic conditions and is your body’s natural response to fighting off diseases. Piracetam has shown antioxidant properties that help kill free radicals in your cells. If you struggle with pain, taking piracetam can help lessen the pain and make you feel more comfortable throughout your day.


Dosage of Piracetam

Dosage varies depending on age and condition. Feel free to reach out to a doctor for more accurate dosage questions.

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Piretam, Nootropil


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