Noopept (GVS-111) 30mg


Noopept (GVS-111) 30mg at a Glance

Also Known as:-N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester, GVS-111, Noopeptide

Type:- Peptide (Nootropic)

Good for:- Anxiety, Energy, Focus, Learning, Memory

Typical Dose:- 60-90mg

Frequency:- One tablet after every Meal ( 3 tablets a day)

Count:- 60 tablets per pack

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What is Noopept?

Noopept was developed to be more absorbable in the human body as compared to piracetam. Results indicate that Noopept is a powerful learning assistant and better helps individuals with learning and memory difficulties.


With Noopept being the most potent nootropic on the market, its legal, safe and effective. While it was originally developed to slow down cognitive decline, it has become a powerful stress reliever and mood enhancer.


Benefits of Noopept


Improve Memory

As Noopept reaches your brain, it begins to improve the brain waves which in turn boost your cognitive performance. Many studies have shown that individuals taking Noopept have an increased production of certain brain chemicals that are related to long-term memory.


Remove Brain Fog

Noopept makes the neutron receptors in your brain more sensitive to acetylcholine which means your brain signals will travel faster. You will have a clear mind and are ready for any sort of mental exercise.


Help with Stress

If you need help relieving stress then try Noopept. It is has been proven to reduce your stress levels by affecting the receptors in your hippocampus. Don’t let stress get you down or impact your daily living with Noopept.


Boost Focus

Noopept will power up the neurons in your brain helping you focus and get things done. Think about all the ways in which you need to focus today. Have a test? Have a work presentation? Trying to solve a puzzle? Noopept can help you focus and get these tasks done.


Dosage of Noopept

As compared to Piracetam, Noopept dosages are much lower as it as supercharged version of that drug. The recommended daiy dosage is 10-30 mg. Its important to note that doctors recommend taking a month long break after taking for 60 days. And as always, consult your physician/


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